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Wizard's beard Four tired undertakers CD
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EAN : 0609728901752 / 3760148287813 (Fra)
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After releasing their debut album in 2011, Wizard's Beard got straight to work on album number 2 and set off on a European tour. Four Tired Undertakers is darker and meaner than what has come before. Keeping the relentless ethos of the previous recording, it builds on this and delves into new depths of misery.


01. Subirse el Muerto
02. Abandon the Wolf
03. Daemon
04. Seeth Inside
05. Accursed
06. Harbringer
07. Untitled Ghost Track
Running time :53:43 min


http://www.youtube.com/v/UmCN6YhcgeYWizard's Beard - Subirse El Muerto - Fenton, Leeds UK : 10/12/11http://www.youtube.com/v/iQW0MMbXTKQWizard's Beard - Hemorrhage - RP Cellars, Leeds UK : 15/9/11http://www.youtube.com/v/cTyAm9-X3bAWizard's Beard - The Albatross : Leeds UK - 4/6/11http://www.youtube.com/v/ZVzpwWT4omsWizard's Beard - Seeth Inside - Live @ Vera, Groningen, NL : 24/9/11


  • An album for the connoisseur of doom metal of the more unconventional sort. ()

  • Overall this is a strong offering of agonized doom ()

  • Album of the day, February 3rd 2012 ()

  • This is about as good as it gets for sludge-laced doom metal, this album is monstrous, 9.5/10. ()

  • not only are the riffs working to unsettle you, their arrangements are too its like the musical equivalent of pins and needles or heroin withdrawal.(...) The production is raw which gives the whole album a live feel (comparable to Eyehategods Dopesick) ()

  • The six songs on this album are in the same vein and fans of bone hard sludge will get a boner listening to this. 73/100 ()

  • Some will claim that Wizard's Beard have become less Doom and more Sludge, what I won't deny. To be more precise, they are exactly what Buzzoven could have been if they had formed in the Thatcher years (...) ()

  • The album is dominated by slow chugging doom tracks echoing Electric Wizard. Its when they step up a gear they start to shine brighter; EyeHateGod comes to mind on more upbeat sludgy jaunts like Seeth Inside. Definitely one to watch out for on the road. ()

  • Here they are. The last hope of UK's sludge underground, heavier than never, re-incarnation of Iron Monkey, Iro-Sludge ()

  • Wizards Beard is a young English sludge band who are on the precipice of making the jump to the limited level of fame and fortune this genre allows.4/5 ()

  • Four Tired Undertakers shows a band with plenty of potential moving in the right direction. Definitely a band to watch out for, 4/5. ()

  • If youve been waiting for the next-gen British scenes answer to Iron Monkey, then let this record be a well-received announcement of Wizards Beards candidacy for the position. They might have just earned it. ()

  • Rserv celles et ceux qui aiment le mtal down tempo, les ambiances mortuaires et les vocaux extrmes acrs comme des lames de rasoir ()

  • cet album mrite comme ses confrres voluant dans le mme style d'tre cout fort et plus d'une fois, 8/10 ()

  • The last time I listened to it, I had to listen to some early Darkthrone to lighten the mood! I could go on ()

  • "Four Tired Undertakers" est un album de sludge asctique et sans concession dans la veine des Iron Monkey / Unearthly Trance et avant tout rserv ceux qui ont pass lpreuve de "Planets Collide" sans descendre dans la rue avec un cutter, les nerfs compltement corrods. 14/20 ()

  • WIZARDS BEARD est un peu l'alliance du glauque et malsain propre au sludge fusionn au feeling et au groove rock'n'roll du stoner. ()

  • En dfinitive, "Four Tired Undertakers" est un trs bon disque, un expriment russit qui nous donne des leons de comment mlanger convenablement des voix guturales avec la psychdlie propre du Doom sludge et qui comme nous le dit la phrase qui accompagne l'album (not sleepy, just angry!) nous dcharge toute la frocit et la rage infinie des sons extrmes, 16/20 ()

  • Wizard's Beard pratique un sludge/doom fangeux et haneux, matrialisation du dclin industriel de leur pays. Sale et violent, viscral et morbide, le quatuor marche dans les traces d'Iron Monkey avec une frocit jubilatoire, 4/5 ()

  • ein Album, mit dem man nichts falsch machen kann. ()

  • Wizards Beard is a four-piece British Doom-Organ that not unlike their famous fellow-men (and woman) are very much into fuzz. ()

  • Die Riffs sind dreckig und der Bass bollert die fetten Grooves und leicht verdaulich ist hier mal nichts. Fans von EYEHATEGOD, IRON MONKEY oder WEEDEATER sollten mal die Ohren aufsperren! Gut ()

  • vertonte Langsamkeit Deluxe! () Nur fr eingefleischte Sludgefreaks! ()

  • Um dieses eher bsartige Doom Gebilde noch mal nen zustzliches Ma an Bosheit beizumischen ,hat man sich auch beim Gesang was einfallen lassen .Denn der geht bedeutend mehr in die Black Metal Richtung und zeigt sich so richtig hsslich schreiend keifend ()

  • WIZARDS BEARD. Also, liebe Metaller und Metallerinnen. Four Tired Undertakers ist ein herrliches Album bei dem jeder Zweifler mehr als einmal rein hren sollte.8/10 ()

  • iese englischen Brte hier tragen den Sludge im Blut, wobei die Klangkaskaden an sich eher zum brachialen Doom Metal zu zhlen sind. Den Sludge bringen vor allem die beiden Gesnge ins Spiel, Craig Hardys Leadvocals, so denn man den Begriff hier verwenden darf, schreien rau ()

  • Am besten und einfachsten kann man die Mucke als EYEHATEGOD mit Black Metal Vocals beschreiben ()

  • eine schlechtgelaunten schwarzen Bastard aus Doom und Sludge. ()

  • 'Subirse El Muerto' e 'Harbinger' gli altri passaggi chiave di un disco che scorre con piacere e lascia il segno senza strafare. Metteteli di supporto a Electric Wizard o Lesbian e si scatener l'inferno. ()

  • non variano di una virgola quanto gi fatto dalla band sopracitata e da altre band del sottogenere quali gli Eyehategod e Sleep. ()

  • Para que te hagas una idea algunas de las influencias de esta banda son de gente como IRON MONKEY, EYEHATEGOD, CROWBAR, NEUROSIS o CAVITY. As que si eres consciente de donde te metes aqu tienes un viaje a lo largo de seis temas (ms uno oculto) que te darn una buena dosis de pesadez y sombras. 7,5/10 ()