Roachstomper's artwork and Carcharodon studio video

Roachstomper's artwork and Carcharodon studio video

Watch how to make great Stoner Metal Death'n'Roll
Discover now the front cover of Rocahstomper from italian Carcharodon.

The artwork has been made by Jessica de The Giant's Lab who tell us about her collaboration with the band:

"I've known these guys (Carcharodon) for years and we've always been talking about collaborating : they love my art and I love their music, fuckin'badass and mean! So we talked about it.

They came with this concept of roach-stomping all the haters who've been talking behind their backs and with a killer album. They made me listen to the album and.. that's it. I smashed a big ass roach on the cover of their newest CD, the mammoth-heavy Roachstomper!

That was the starting point,then we developped all the other stuff, posters, T-shirts and such. Peace.

Come and visit my Tumblr page : The Giant's Lab".


Now the Stoner metal / Death'n'Roll band's artwork has no secrets for you, let's go back to the studio for Rochastomper recording session second day.

If you missed the video of the Day 1, click here to watch it.