Surtr - I Am The Cross video and Pulvis et Umbra pre-order

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Second full song taken from Surtr's new album Pulvis et Umbra

Watch now "I am the cross", the second single taken from Surtr's new album Pulvis et Umbra.

This album which will be released on March 15th 2013, is already available on preorder as:

Pulvis et Umbra Release Party will take place at Les Trinitaires in Metz (Fr) on March 16th with Children of Doom and Father Merrin. Click to watch the bands' videos and read the infos..

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Surtr - I Am the Cross

Each day is the same ritual
I build his consciousness
Then he opens his eyes
And makes me sick
He makes me sick ‘cause
When I’m ready to look ahead,
To stand out and
He doesn’t wanna hear anything.

I’ve passed through the years
Obeying to this spirit
I’m not only a mortal coil
I’ve to tell him I’m exhausted

All they’re doing is boring me
All I wanted is to kill myself
One cannot walk, one is so weak
I made choices but brain’s disagree

And you know what?

I am the Cross

One day I cannot wake up
The second one I cannot think
I’m the crossing of spirit and body

I am the Cross


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