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WIZARD'S BEARD Four Tired Undertakers is an indie metal records label since 2003. Specialized in doom metal and industrial metal, we released through the past thrash metal demos, experimental metal CD or black metal vinyl records.

Doom Metal bands we have produced are coming from different countries and different horizons. We have recently released industrial metal one-man-band Broken Down records, traditional doom metal band Surtr album on CD and vinyl, Italian Southern Stoner Death n'roll band Carcharodon or the second album of Wizard's beard, a sludge metal band in the vein of Iron Monkey.

We enjoy not to release only true classic doom metal or doom death metal as we love lots of various and different subgenres. is also an online shop and mailorder specialized in selling doom metal CD and heavy metal vinyl records and all their subgenres. Our catalog includes black metal and funeral doom metal CD, but also speed metal, death metal or thrash metal albums. A place of honor is made for doom metal and sludge metal vinyl records LP and 7-inch EP. We propose also a few audio tapes from grindcore to black metal and also drone-noise.

Made by musique metal fans, our cheap heavy metal records, regular price drop and on sale vinyls LP allow metal fans to discover albums and bands they would have not listened to otherwise. We try to propose a large range of metal subgenres to allow you to complete your metal vinyl collecton with collector and rare records but also with underground and do it yourself albums and demos., the doom and industrial metal label and the metal cd and vinyl shop welcome you !