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About us

Altsphere Production is born in Nother East of France on October 2003. First of all a self-centred Do It Yourself label releasing mainly JeFF Maurer and friends metal or industrial music projects demos cdr and tapes, it quickly built a mailorder/distrolist, trading its productions through an underground and Do It Yourself network around the world.

Through the years Altsphere Production improved itself through a bigger investment of time and money. The label coreleased some heavy metal vinyl records, and its cdr productions came out with pro-printed covers and booklets.

For its 7th birthday Altsphere Production became more professional and became a one-man individual company. pro-pressed CD has been becoming the first format but vinyl records is clearly in the firing for the day the label will have the ways and means.

This new entity has been standing up with its new online metal shop selling lots of heavy subgenres : doom metal, sludge, death metal, black metal, thrash metal, industrial metal, gothic metal, hardcore punk, drone metal, doomed noise, dark ambient, dark electro...

In 2012 Altspher's website and online recordstore got a facelift embodying new functionalities and design using lastest technologies. As since Altsphere Production's creation everything has been homemade. Do It Yourself ethic always stays as one of the main point of the structure which owes nothing to anyone and uses only one person obstinacy as first asset for everything : promotion, press relation, web and print design, processing orders, community management,....

The Metal records label and online records shop moved to South West of France in May 2014.