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Artists - Label roster

Altsphere is an indie records label releasing heavy metal CD and vinyls, mainly specialized in doom metal. Here is our metal artists and doom metal bands roster.

French Surtr have released two traditional doom metal records recommended for fans of Black Sabbath and Saint Vitus but also Count Raven and Candlemass. The band has notably performed at Hellfest 2013 and at Dutch Doom Days XII.

After two US tour in 2008 and 2013 and day with Crowbar, Italian Carcharodon had a busy year 2013. The release of their second album Roachstomper propolled them, with a clever mix of sludge metal, oldschool death metal, country-blues and doom metal.

Wizard's Beard is the worthy progeny of sludge metal band Iron Monkey. The Britishs follow the steps of their predecessors with their second album Four Tired Undertakers which has been elected album of the day by the cult Roadburn festival

Rote Mare has been a one-man band in the past, releasing several demos. After becoming a band, the Australians released Serpents of the Church, their debut album, in 2011. This doom metal CD will delight fans of Saint Vitus, Electric Wizard but also Celtic Frost.

(Drama) belongs to Eastern Europe metal revelations. Indeed, their doom death metal, mixing local folklore and sung in Croatian, enfored itself as a fine mix of My Dying Bride, Opeath and Morgain.

Coming from Florida, Druid Lord, lead by ex-Equinox Pete Slate, joined in a doom metal split 7-inches EP vinyl with the US duo Wooden Stake. The first ones play a oldschool doom death metal and the second ones a horror doom metal with female voice which will please Jex Thoth fans.