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Druid lord

Oldschool doom death metal [US]

Druid lord
Born from the swamp pits of Florida, Druid Lord was formed in the early months of 2010. Pete Slate of US cult Black Death band Equinox, also ex-Incubus, formed the band with former Equinox drummer Stephen Spillers to create only heavy Oldschool doom death metal. The music is crushing and heavy, taking lyrical inspirations from cult horror movies and occult themes not to mention anything creepy or eerie that haunts their minds. Druid Lord is coming to take your soul!


Baron Blood 7"EP
Druid Death Cult 7"EP
Druid Lord / Skeletal spectre split-7"EP
Druid Lord / Kaiju split-7"EP+split-CD
Wooden Stake / Druid Lord split-7"EP
Hymn for the wicked CD