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Stoner Metal / Death'n'Roll [IT]

Carcharodon started their musical journey as a power trio in 2003, with the unique intent of taking the best aspects of old school death metal, sludge, stoner, blues & country and mixing them in equal parts into a groovy subgenre that they called macho metal. "Macho metal" is also the title of their first full length (2008), which gained good exposure and brought the band on the road for a one-month tour in Texas and California. After tons of gigs across Italy and Europe, the band decided that a second guitar could help them reach higher levels. So, in January 2011 a longtime friend of the band and furious country guitarist was asked to join the band. After a few months they entered the studio to start recording their second full length Roachstomper.


Pizza Commando (w/ Southern Drinkstruction) split-CD
Roachstomper CD
Promo Herectus promo EP
Macho Metal CD
Las Fecas demo
Pelvis demo
Kamasutra demo
The Fathers demo
Marasmatron demo
Ossuary demo