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Broken Down
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Industrial Metal [FR]

Broken Down
Things have been broken down into smaller pieces. Then fragments have been put together to create something new. Any patern, any sound can be decomposed. Broken Down reduced compounds and structures to its constituent parts. The music you hear has been build from all these elementary elements.

Broken Down formed in 2014 and has been exploring music outside native, classic and narrow music genres with an extreme amount of freedom. Its music exists on the fringes of multiple genres but it really isn't one. This is not postmodern. This is experimental music using all pop source material.

The combination of technology and freedom made that music what it is. Broken Down meticulously isolated drum elements to create a new personal electronic drum kit for each song. The one-man-band takes familiar music elements and twists them into new things that may sound pretty weird but coherent. This unique music is being made from artfully recontextualizing rock and other genres, altering and editing academic things.

Broken Down's second full-length album 'The Other Shore' is an adventurous effort with heavy beats, elaborate collages, crammed voice loops. Laying vocal over the top of something obvious would have been too easy. Broken Down's music mixes industrial rock metal music with hardcore punk mosh parts and pop music. It's in a class by itself. 'The Other Shore' might be an architect's answer to the gap between traditional dance music and experimental metal music.

The band spent a year concocting different combinations and editing them into tight compositions without relying on clichés. Broken Down uses words to get something off your chest. Lyrics and artworks are as important as music itself.

But don't fear this melting-pot of genres. Broken Down's music is challenging, and it rewards closer scrutiny on headphones, but it is also a honed vision that you can still party on.

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