Some video won't be displayed as Javascript is not enabled We are completely doomed and cursed
We are completely doomed and cursed

We are completely doomed and cursed

Our records label seems to be totally doomed but we will always keep the control of hopeless tomorrow
Altsphere Production is rotten to the core and totally doomed! That's why we mainly release Ce Doom metal bands.

On January 31st Surtr were obliged to delay thye recording of their new materials because the drummer has been hospitalized in emergency.

Beside that, we learnt that our distributor in France went bankrupt and that we lost a part of our benefit and stock. It was already the case for our very first distributor in Germany two years ago.

At the beginning we thought it was just a lack of luck, but finally we realized that we were doomed and that the gods of doom métal sent us a sign.

That's why Altsphere decides to leave the classic distribution system to get back into a more underground and Do It Yourself network with releases in smaller quantity.

Altsphere also decides to stop working with business giant iTunes, Deezer and co in order to have a direct contact with doom metal fans. From now you will be able to listen and to download all our doom metal productions from our brand new Bandcamp platform. So for those who like digital albums, all our records are available for download.

Be Doomed as we are !