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History, roots and subgenres of Doom Metal

History, roots and subgenres of Doom Metal

Since its creation in the 1970s as Heavy Metal subgenre, Doom Metal managed to find its place in the Metal universe. Therefore lots of subgenres have continued to join and be labeled Doom Metal
As a form of Heavy Metal Doom Metal appeared in the 1970s. It first took its roots in Heavy Rock of Cream or Blue Cheer, but it's mainly rooted from Black Sabbath which is the must influence of the genre with notably the early albums of Ozzy Osbourne era.

BLACK SABBATH Black Sabbath - 1970

First song of the very first Black Sabbath album released in 1970. Black Sabbath is known as the pioneer of Doom Metal.

Unlike Brutal Death Metal or Thrash Metal, Doom Metal typically uses slow tempos and heavy sound.

During the 1980s, against the current of Speed Metal and Heavy Metal bands of the moment, some bands offer a very heavy and massive sound and slower tempos. This is the case of American bands Saint Vitus, Trouble or Swedish band Candlemass. These offer a slow-down Heavy Metal which will propel them as pioneers of Epic Doom Metal especially with their debut album Epicus Doomicus Metallicus in 1986.

CANDLEMASS Solitude - 1986

Swedish band Candlemass released its debut album in 1986 and became pioneer of Epic Doom Metal

A few years later a new wave of bands will diversify Doom Metal. Indeed, several bands will incorporate Death Metal elements with Doom Metal and create what's called Doom Death Metal. Here we discover bands as Britis Cathedral and,with a more gothic aesthetic, My Dying Bride and Paradise Lost. But Traditional Doom Metal continued with bands Count Raven or Iron Man.

CATHEDRAL Serpent Eve - 1991

British Band Cathedral released its debut album in 1991. The band incorporated Death Metal elements with its Doom Metal and later it will incorporate Stoner Rock elements.

From this moment Doom Metal emerges from the underground and incorporats new Metal subgenres. British bandIron Monkey or American band Crowbar incorporate hardcore punk and create Sludge Doom Metal. Thergothon creates Funeral Doom Metal. Sleep incorporates Stoner Rock and Sunn O))) creates a noisy music with guitar walls called Drone Doom.

EYEHATEGOD Children of God - 1992

Eyehategod debut album In The Name Of Suffering has been released in 1992. The band mix Hardcore Punk with Doom Metal and is among the pioneers of Sludge Metal

Early 2000 Doom Metal find a new breath with the fourth bands wave of its history, then we discover Reverend Bizarre or The Gates of Slumber.

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