Some video won't be displayed as Javascript is not enabled Broken Down will release its debut album First Spit in 2015
Broken Down will release its debut album First Spit in 2015

Broken Down will release its debut album First Spit in 2015

Broken Down mixes a fusion of Industrial Metal, Doom Metal and more subgenres into something new and really personal. A UFO, a new experiment in the scene.
Hey folks,

On this first day of December, we'd like to introduce Broken Down to you.
Broken Down is a new French project born a few months ago in South West of France. This project is a one-man-band set-up which currently uses electronics elements -for the drums, keyboard and effects- on which come guitars, bass and vocals.

The base of Broken Down's music can be describe as a fusion of Industrial Metal and Doom Metal but it can't be reduced only to this as the band includes also lots of groove and feelings, roaring, stonerish or black metal riffs and even some Us Hardcore sing-along chorus.

The better way to get what Broken Down is will be to listen to it as soon as the new material will be available because no description can let you really know how this music sounds. Maybe you are able to imagine a music mixing elements from Nine Inch Nails, Saint Vitus, Ministry, Down, Samael, Orange Goblin, Mayhem, Black Flag, Pantera, Killing Joke and Type O Negative but a music which sounds nothing like any of these bands.

While your curiosity's just reached heights we'd like to let you know Broken Down's debut album is named First Spit and will be released in February 2015 as a Mint Pack CD and of course as digital.
First Spit contains seven tracks for a total running time of approximately 25 minutes.

The Mint Pack styling is reminiscent to the old vinyl record sleeves we love. That's why it will look like a fuckin' collector. But this kind of pack is also eco friendly and more environmentally conscious as its robust cardboard makes Mint Pack 60% lighter than your standard jewel case. That reduces the carbon footprint.

So now your curiosity can't stop knocking on your head. You have no choice. You need to stay tuned and connected to get the upcoming Broken Down debut album first single and pictures of the object.

Follow the band on Facebook or Twitter or just hang on Broken Down website.