Some video won't be displayed as Javascript is not enabled British Sludge Doom band Wizard's Beard split up
British Sludge Doom band Wizard's Beard split up

British Sludge Doom band Wizard's Beard split up

Five years after its foundation British Sludge Doom band Wizard's Beard announced to split up and will give a very last gig tonight
British strong>Sludge Doom Metal band Wizard's Beard, known as descendants from Iron Monkey, announced to split up due to lifestyle choices from two members.

They notably recorded the album Four Tired Undertakers in 2012, album of the day on February 3rd of the same year on Roadburn festival website, and still available for sale.

The press was unanimous : " This is about as good as it gets for sludge-laced doom metal, this album is monstrous", 9.5/10. (DoomMantia)

Official band's announcement :
Well, it's been emotional. But this Thursday's gig will be our death rattle. We've had some awesome times together as a band, and our end has nothing to do with any falling out or anything. Life gets in the way and people's circumstances change. Anyone who fancies seeing us one last time, drop by Santiagos on Thursday for one last blast of slow."

We'll never forget about this band and we're already impatient to know about the future projects of the two members still involved in the scene.

Wizard's Beard - Subirse El Muerto live in Leeds

British Doom Sludge band Wizard's Beard performing a song taken from its album Four Tired Undertakers on December 10th 2011 in Leeds, UK

The Sludge Doomband will give a very last show tonight its in hometown of Leeds, UK with Groak, Ommadon and Bismuth