Some video won't be displayed as Javascript is not enabled Download Altsphere releases for free
Download Altsphere releases for free

Download Altsphere releases for free

All our releases and albums are available for free download at Bandcamp. Feel free to dig into those free mp3 songs and records and take what you need.
Altsphere Production has released several albums during the past 5 years : from Australian Doom Metal band Rote Mare to Italian spaghetti Death'N Roll Sludge band Carcharodon, without forgetting UK sludge masters Wizard's Beard who recentely split-up or French Doom Metal band Surtr.

Even if we still has some physical copies of our releases, we think time has come to allow you to download everything you want for free or free price if you want to support the records label.

Feel free to listen, share and download albums directly from Altsphere Bandcamp.

For those who remain interested in buying CD or vinyl records, we think our price are low enough to let you enjoy our releases. Just notice that we have only very few copies left of ( Drama ) Zastor Tisine CD, Rote Mare Serpents Of The Church CD and Druid Lord / Wooden Stake split vinyl EP.