Some video won't be displayed as Javascript is not enabled Broken Down's new album The Other Shore to be released in February
Broken Down's new album The Other Shore to be released in February

Broken Down's new album The Other Shore to be released in February

Industrial Metal Broken Down's new album The Other Shore is planned to be released on Cd, digital and digipack early 2016
Altsphere is proud to announce the release of The Other Shore, new album from Industrial Metal one-man-band Broken Down on Friday February 26th 2016 on CD, digital and special digipack edition limited to 50 hand-numbered copies.

This second album will be released one full year after the release of First Spit. The band's music has yet evolved : tempos have been accelerated, keyboards are more present, the different voices game is more crafted, bass guitar has more groove and songs are catchier.

Categorizing the band's music under Industrial Metal will be something of an over-simplification because Broken Down mixes so many genres : Metal, Indus, Stoner, New-wave, Hardcore punk, Dance, ... but let the one-man-band speaks:

"Broken Down mixes many music genres depending on its own tastes : without any barrier nor limit. I'm not searching to have one final result or another. It's pretty instinctive.
To describe The Other Shore in the end I would say there's a base realted to Nine Inch Nails on which are added metal guitar riffs taken from Stoner Metal and Heavy Metal. On that comes a bass guitar which grooves, then follow keyboards and theatrical voices which can remind Queen ou Depeche Mode to some extent. Finally Hardcore Punk mosh parts and sing-along are added.
This new Broken Down's record i like a piece of very good lasagna: there are differents things to discover at each layer while being homogeneous."

This Second Spit includes 9 original songs :
  • 1. Baïne
  • 2. Mr Sun
  • 3. The Other Shore
  • 4. Rearview Mirror
  • 5. Scribble Your World
  • 6. Alienated Music
  • 7. This Art Is Mine
  • 8. Speculator
  • 9. Puzzle

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