Some video won't be displayed as Javascript is not enabled A Broken Puzzle : the band Broken Down revealed the digital facet of its album
A Broken Puzzle : the band Broken Down revealed the digital facet of its album

A Broken Puzzle : the band Broken Down revealed the digital facet of its album

Broken Down's published several webpages following the release of its Industrial Metal Rock record The Other Shore. The mystery of this digital part seems to be at hand with the upload of A Broken Puzzle
Industrial Metal / Industrial Rock band Broken Down released its second album, The Other Shore last February. Since March the one-man-band has podded mysterious web pages hiding exclusive content. A new and last page has just appeared...

A Broken Puzzle

Called A Broken Puzzle, six webpages have been uploaded. Each of them is in fact the piece of a much bigger puzzle.

At the release of The Other Shore, the band annoucned :
"This record is a whole. One of the main themes of the lyrics is about creating its own art without censoring yourself. It's about freedom, free-thinking and pushing people to create and to share. That's also why you'll find around the internet stems (separated channels) of the songs to build your own remixes as an answer to The Other Shore. This album is definitively living within its era."

Indeed on each page is hidden a link to download the multitrack source of a song which allows you at the same time to see how the track has been built and to rebuild them at its own sauce. The webpage This Art Is Yours even invite you to send your own track.

Complete the puzzle

In addition to the multitrack sources of the songs, the pages seem to be puzzles : sometimes a question is asked, occasionally it's necessary to upload a file and sometimes you just need to visit the website.

Today a page, which seems to be the puzzle board has been uploaded. Broken Down presents the summary of the collected pieces as a final enigma. Visit now :

Retrieve all the pieces of the broken puzzle scattered since March:

Press talks about The Other Shore

  • Broken Down is one of the bands that you would recommend to people who try to get into industrial metal in the same rank with Rammstein. And that is not a exaggeration, because they really are that great. (...) a great album, one that can become the staple of the genre in future (Dutch Metal Maniac)
  • I think that this is a worthy element and it?s becoming ever more of a rarity. (...) Maybe one must have listened to Queen?s music, maybe you should have listened to Nine Inch Nails, Frank Zappa, a lot of metal, electrowave and everything else in order to grasp the full distinctive suggestions, 8/10 (Fumo, inchiostro e basso)li>
  • absolut bizarrer Industrial Rock (...) Broken Down hat den gewaltigen Pluspunkt, dass es nichts ist, was man schon tausendmal gehört hätte. 'The Other Shore' sprengt alle üblichen Raster, ist nur wenig eingängig und mehr ein wildes Experiment als eine normale LP. (...) Also großen Applaus für das Denken außerhalb der Box, 8/10 (Legacy Magazin)
  • you might give it a try, I think. Nine Inch Nails meet (older) Faith No More meet Carnival Coal meet Megaherz meet later Manes, isn?t that an appropriate description? I didn?t think it is either, but do you have any other suggestion?, 75/100 (Concrete Web)
  • nove tracce che passano dalla pura genialità all'irrazionalità più spinta (...)Le radici musicali di Jeff affondano nei vecchi dischi dei NIN, Ministry e Killing Joke (...) Il risultato è complesso e strutturato, una musica che difficilmente ascolterete come sottofondo per le vostre faccende quotidiane, ma che merita un'attenzione particolare per essere apprezzata a pieno, 75% (The Pit Of The Damned)li>

The Other Shore album by Broken Down is available as free streming, digital download, Compact Disc and limited digipack hand-numbered to 50 copies.

Some remixes appeared

Here and there, on the free download single/maxi EP Another Shore or on Internet forums, have been posted Metal, Industrial or Electronic remixes of Broken Down.

Especially check :