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Doom Over Paris V

Doom Over Paris V

For the 5th edition, Northwinds, Cauchemar and 3 other bands will overrun Le Klub.
Altsphere Production gives its complete support to the friends of Les Acteurs de l'Ombre who present the 5th edition of Doom Over Paris on Sunday May 13th 2012 at Le Klub in Paris and the entrance fee is only 10€ at the door(8€ on presale).

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5 bands will play :
Northwinds (doom prog) - France
Rare on stage and on record, Northwinds is probably the oldest traditional doom metal band still alive in France. Formed in 1990, the band gives a tasty trad doom with prog 70s hints.

Cauchemar (heavy doom) - Quebec
Coming from French Canada, Cauchemar play an esoteric Heavy/Doom metal in Frenc. Finally a band who has the guts to sing in their mother tongue.

Inborn Suffering (doom/death) - France
Parisians Inborn Suffering will come to defend their second album "Regression to Nothingness", awaited by doom/death fans.

Funeralium (funeral doom) - France
Funeralium has a sound coming from the abyss, an unsustainable slowness and a total despair. An expereince to try.

Children of Doom (doom metal) - France
Children of Doom call their music doom n'raw : you want a picture? It's just a pur moment of rock n'roll!