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Doom Over Paris VI

Doom Over Paris VI

For the 6th edition,Isole, Ataraxie, Marche Funèbre and 2 more bands will overrun Le Klub in Paris.
Altsphere Production gives its complete support to the friends of Les Acteurs de l'Ombre who present the 6th edition of Doom Over Paris on Sunday November 25th 2012 at Le Klub in Paris and the entrance fee is only 10€ at the door(8€ on presale).

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5 bands will play :

Isole (Epic Doom Metal - Sweden)

Ataraxie (Doom Death Metal - France)

Marche funèbre (Doom Death Metal - Belgium)

Barabbas(Stoner Doom Metal - France)

Chaos E.T. Sexual(Post-Doom Metal - France)