Some video won't be displayed as Javascript is not enabled Surtr's new album Pulvis et Umbra is out
Surtr's new album Pulvis et Umbra is out

Surtr's new album Pulvis et Umbra is out

The second album of French doom metal band Surtr is released today

Pulvis et Umbra available in three formats

Surtr releases its second full-length album. Pulvis et Umbra collected seven new original doom metal tracks.

You can buy this album as a CD from Altsphere, Amazon, CDuniverse,..

Pulvis et Umbra is also available as digital from the main legal download platforms iTunes, Amazon mp3,...

At last, for object's aficionados, the album is also released exclusively by Altsphere Production as a transparent blue vinyl LP limited to 300 hand-numbered copies and inluding CD, stickers and a button (only for the 100 first copies).

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You can now listen to the full album at Deezer or at Spotify.

Pulvis et Umbra press feedbacks

Surtr is taking Doom Metal into the future with an unbelievable release. (...) Surtr's “Pulvis Et Umbra” is one of the best recorded atmospheric Doom Metal albums that I have heard in a couple years
5/5 (

this was a damn good entry to French doom. (...) Would I seek them out if they were playing the UK? Damn straight
7.5/10 (

If you are unfamiliar with Surtr, take note of their name as you may be hearing a lot about them once this album is finally unleashed. (...) Great stuff from a great band. (

The band is very much set in the ways of Saint Vitus, Count Raven and to a lesser extent Pagan Altar. (...) this album is indeed packed solid of epic traditional doom metal. (...) The band have arrived and this deserves to be heard and appreciated. Good album,
8/10 (

The band talks about Pulvis et Umbra

Read the complete interview at (Translated by Google)

Even if there were already a lot of elements in the first album, there was a change between the two. What is it due?
Water has flowed under the bridge since World of Doom. We worked a lot in rehearsal pieces to give them a true cohesion and more dynamic. I think we mostly grow as a trio, as each has its place and we feel more free to go musically where we see fit while remaining true to the group's identity.

How was the recording of?
From the start, we wanted to record in the most natural way possible and live. Trio, we really play together and be able to look for the chemistry works and energy flows. We got in the studio with well prepared preprod securities under the arm which allowed us to record the drums, bass and rhythm guitar all in just two days. We were all three in the same room to interpret the songs and I think this is thanks to this that the album sounds so natural and alive, both accurate and consistent, while keeping a groove and a symbiosis are only possible in playing together and not everyone turn to a computer.
Read the band's studio report for more details.

Discover how Surtr's new album has been recorded

You can watch the videos of Pulvis et Umbra's seven days recording sessions at Mon Studio, Nancy, FR

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