Some video won't be displayed as Javascript is not enabled Carcharodon Roachstomper out now
Carcharodon Roachstomper out now

Carcharodon Roachstomper out now

The second album of Italian Southern Stoner Death'n'Roll Metal band is released today

Roachstomper available in two formats

Carcharodon releases its second full-length album. Roachstomper collected eleven new original Southern stoner metal and death'n'roll tracks.

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Roachstomper is also available as digital from the main legal download platforms iTunes, Amazon mp3,...

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You can now listen to the full album at Deezer or at Spotify.

Roachstomper press feedbacks

Now there is a genre of music called Spaghetti Sludge Blues Metal
4/5 (

This is perfect mosh-pit/head-banging material to rock out to. And you can’t get any better that. Great music, few beers and hanging out with your friends. (...) After multiple listens, I am very fond of this album and I rate it very highly. And you will to if you decide to check out the world of the mighty Carcharodon . Highly Recommended.
(The Sludge Lord)

Discover how Carcharodon's new album has been recorded

You can watch the videos of Roachstomper's six days recording sessions

Carcharodon will perform live