Some video won't be displayed as Javascript is not enabled New Rote Mare interview
New Rote Mare interview

New Rote Mare interview

While releasing new material, the Australian doom metal band gave a long interview to Temple of Perdition
Rote Mare has just participated to a split-CD with the band Dire Fate.

Less than two years after the release of Serpents of the Church on Altsphere, the Australian Traditional Doom Metal band has self-released this new material.

Phil, singer of the band, gave a long interview in English to Temple of Perdition webzine :

From the other side of the planet is coming one of the most interesting Doom bands of the recent past years, I've named ROTE MARE - out of Australia ... After their debut album "Serpents of the Church" released in late 2011, Phil Howlett and his buddies are back in 2013's actuality with an amazing split album shared with the excellent Dire Fate

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