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Our releases released lots of metal demos, cassettes, CD and vinyls. The Metal records label began to release black metal demos and albums, but also thrashcore and sludge metal ones such as The Dead Musician, Zarach Baal Tharagh, Strong as Ten or Emmos.

Specialized in doom metal vinyls and CD production, has recently released several records on CD and vinyls.

Surtr's debut album, World of Doom, is a traditional doom metal records which launched the French band on the tracks of Reverend Bizarre and Saint Vitus. Released in 2011, it helped this doom metal band to come out from the cave. Two years later, in 2013, Surtr reveals Pulvis et Umbra. This Doom metal CD record and its limited vinyl edition, show that the band grew up. The music becomes more epic and follows the blueprints of Count Raven and Candlemass but stays also close to their debut influences. They asserts this album in Germany, Netherlands and France, notably at famous Hellfest Open Air festival.

Italian guys from Carcharodon take their time. This Sludge southern death'n'rool metal band released its debut album and was on tour in the US un 2008. Five years later here comes Roachstomper out on Altsphere and the band was again on tour in the US. We can talk about Macho metal or de spaghetti metal but this mix of death metal, sludge metal and country blues is about the most original in the metal scene and that's why Carcharodon has a nice future in front of him!

Rote Mare's debut album, Serpents of the Church came out in 2011. The Australian band plays traditional doom metal integrating vocals and ambiance which remind Celtic Frost. Their doom metal in the vein of Electric Wizard and Saint Vitus is welcome by everybody. This doom metal CD allows the band to perform in several venues in Australia.

After a great sludge metal album and a European Ttour, Britishe band Wizard's Beard signed on Altsphere for the second album. Four Tired Undertakers arrive as an album which could have been recorded by Iron Monkey some year before. Their high-standard doom sludge is known around as Four Tired Undertakers was album of the day on Roadburn festival official website.

Zastor Tisine is Croatian band (drama) debut album. You can feel the Eastern coldness at the first listen. Winter landscapes described in their mother tongue is added to their folklore. This doom death metal CD has nothing to envy to My Dying Bride and meanders through the legs of Opeth and Anathema. This album is like a gravestone : heavy, weighty and decided not to move.

Wooden Stake / Druid Lord vinyl split 7 inches gathers two US doom metal combos. The first one is a horror doom metal duo with a very haunted and possessed female voice. Imagine a depressive version of Jex Thoth. The second one is a oldschool doom death metal band which smeels good 90's death metal. It's like Deicide playing doom metal.

With Torment, the records label shows its open-mind and what is wider metal. JeFF presents an indsutrial dark ambient digipack CD withpsychedelic elements and very dark noise parts. A cinematographic universe graved in rusty iron plates. A journey at the heart of a tormented mind.

By mixing progressive metal, sludge metal, doom metal, thrash and black metal, lanonymous duo DWDY (Destroy What Destroy You) propose an unusual music on a speical object. This mini CDr 3 inches holds one unique 20-min long song. A musical progressive metal fresque without falling in over technicity.