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BONG Live at Roadburn LP - 2011



Live recorded at Roadburn Festival 2010


These tired sounds are in the vein of Sleep and Om but where are those bands have a concise feel about them, Bong has a sound that is muffled and yet very warm. The throbbing riff of "Wizards Of Krull" is about as immersive and hypnotic as you can get within a doom track and its main repeating riff is the highlight of "Live At Roadburn." (...)


This is "Live At Roadburn" it makes it more valid than most of their other live albums. In many ways Bong were made for the Roadburn stage and so this is an important release in their career. Bong fans will want this anyway but for newcomers to the band, this is a good album to start with to check out the true essence of what this band is and has been since 2005. 8.5/10 (DoomMantia)




1. Onward to Perdondaris 33:24

2. Wizards of Krull 24:22