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Week 7 - Doom Death Metal

COFFINS March of Despair 12"EP (purple) - 2012

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This doom death metal 12"EP is the purple edition limited to 200 copies and comes with a poster.


Their death/doom can be described as a mix of Winter, Asphyx and Celtic Frost. 78/100 (

There's not much new with Japan's filthiest purveyors of doom-soaked death metal. Former drummer dude is on vocals and some other instrument-trading went on, but you can still count on plenty of morbidly grooving chug-along death metal with March of Despair. It even seems like they've picked up the pace a bit from previous works, and the midrange, mouthfull-of-grave-dirt vocals are a fine addition to their new-yet-pretty-much-entirely-the-same sound. (The Living Doorway)




1. Till Dawn of the Doomsday

2. Grotesque Messiah

3. Carpet of Bones

4. In Bloody Sewage

5. Corpsegrinder (Death cover)