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Week 30 - Black Metal

BUNKER 66 Alive & Melting LP -  2011



Right now, this band is doing ABSOLUTELY. EVERYTHING. RIGHT. listening to their "OUT OF THE BUNKER" EP, it becomes evident that this band is perfect for me, i like the sound of everything in their recording, and the style...well, atleast fans of BLIZZARD from Germany and IMPOSTOR from Norway should have a field day. Thank you all for listening and caring. Influences: Metal, Punk, Evil and BBW. (Fenriz,  band of the week)





1. Blasphemous Ignorance

2. Lurking Demons (Of War) 

3. Still They Lurk (In The Shadows Of War) 

4. Storm Of The Usurper 

5. Walpurgisnacht 

6. Metal Redentor 

7. Black Knight (NME Cover)