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Week 34 - Doom Metal

SAINT VITUS Thirsty and Miserable 12"EP - 1987



Kicking off this brief venture into the dark and despairing is the BLACK FLAG ode to alcoholism and buffoonery “Thirsty And Miserable,” reinterpreted in SAINT VITUS’ nostalgic love for the days when BLACK SABBATH was scaring the hell out of hippies circa 1972 (...) these songs kick ass and the other part of me is too obsessed with the history of what is simple great music. And if my experience is any judge, anyone else investigating this band with similarly conflicting reactions should go with the one that doesn’t care whether the evolution of the band is consistent from one release to the next. (The metal observer)




1.    Thirsty and Miserable (Black Flag cover)    
2.    Look Behind You    
3.    The End of the End