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GODSTOMPER/DAYBREAK "scared for life / Nautical hyperblast" - 2002

Ultra nihilist grind insanity meets emo-grind brutality!



Daybreak : Walk The Plank You Art Rock Bastard | Endless Blank Horizon | One Million Miles Away | White Sails | Halifax Harbor | Out to Sea | Devoured by Tides | Real Pirates Have Pegged Legs | Deeper Than The Sea | Something in the Hull | Pressure Sickness | Fucking Pirate Rampage | I Liked It Better When Daybreak Only Sang About Collecting Records | My Greatest Revenge Is Having A Record Collection Better Than You | Moses's Law | Pirate Rampage 2 | Die You Screamo Asshole| Boat Thrower


Godstomper : Out Of Touch | Emo Attitude Sucks| Postmortem Unity | Words That Kill | The Bottom Line | Extinction | False Solution | Coffin Cake | Anal Gremlins | Benefit For The Deaf | Scarred For Life | My Generations Deserves To Swallow A Cyanide Tablet

MIND SNARE "Broken promises" 2nd Hand 7" - 2011



Ltd to 5600 hand-numb. copies.


1.    Broken Promises (live version)        
2.    Welcome To My Reign