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Reference : ALT086

Label :  Altsphere

Genre :  Doom Death Metal

US Horror Doom vs US Doom Death. "two killer bands, 9/10" (Doommantia).

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Only 20 copies left ! No repress. Very last copies from us !

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WOODEN STAKE / DRUID LORD split-7-inch EP - 2011

Myspace : Wooden Stake  -   Druid Lord


"DO NOT PASS THIS ONE (...) they are limited and once they are gone you’ll regret not picking it up" (Hellride music)


"captivating couple of tunes from two killer bands, 9/10" (Doommantia)


"Definitely a fantastic release and highly recommended for all doom fans." (Heavy metal time machine)


WOODEN STAKE offers a track of occult horror doom metal with dark, haunting female vocals which wound like incantations. Heavy, catchy and eerie doom duo from Texas and New-York.

DRUID LORD has been notably formed by Pete (ex-INCUBUS, ex-ACHERON,...). After having released their first album, they present here a catchy oldschool doom death metal track mixing PENTAGRAM and ASPHYX influences. Lyrics inspiration is directly taken from 70’s and 80’s horror movies.



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