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BROKEN DOWN First Spit Mint Pack CD + goodies

Reference : ALT093

Label :  Altsphere

Genre :  Industrial Metal

Barcode : 609728901776

Debut album from French Industrial Doom Metal band. 

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BROKEN DOWN First Spit Mint Pack CD - 2015

Broken Down's debut album is a melting-pot of several subgenres mixed into short direct tracks ejected as a slobbery spit.

Broken Down's music can be described as a fusion of industrial music, doom metal, sludge or any other down-tempo genre and some kind of groove which can be either taken from US Hardcore or Southern Metal. As its music has no limit, barrier and follows no code, it's possible to find black metal or stoner, roaring or rocking riffs here and there.

Broken Down's debut album First Spit will be released as a Mint Pack CD. 

Its styling is reminiscent to the old vinyl record sleeves. This kind of pack is also eco friendly as its robust cardboard cover is 60% lighter than your standard jewel case.

First copies come with limited collector goodies within limit of available stocks:

  • 100 woven patchs
  • 100 buttons
  • 100 magnets
  • 250 postcards
  • 250 packs of 3 stickers

A part of the press appreciated this record:

  • A special world, coherent, strange because turning familiar things to its own sauce and that should interest lovers of odd stuff! (
  • An improbably release(..) A production that is therefore aimed at an informed public, amateur of thrill as delicate as the slagging of the ear canal by a drill-hitter.(
  • It should not immediately arrange these Broken Down pieces in well sealed compartements (..) An album with a strong personality, but still relatively stripped but nevertheless rich of versatile musical episodes (...) It's a little bit of everything at once and it knows how to capture the attention. (

Whereas Broken Down's anti-code, andi-traditional music completely disoriented another part of the reviewers :

  • Since Broken Down has more or less filled his bowl with genres and boiled it into his own sound, it more or less becomes one big, undefinable mess to me (...) if you are more open-minded than me, I would definitely recommend it.(
  • Stop polluting our ears (...) Besides the deafs, I don't see who could buy this record and declare himself satisfied (
  • Seriously though, worst thing musically I have heard out of France since Fadades! (
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