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BROKEN DOWN The Other Shore CD & Digipack

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Label :  Altsphere

Genre :  Industrial Metal

Industrial Metal / Industrial Rock

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BROKEN DOWN The Other Shore CD & Digipack - 2016

The Other Shore merged the aggression of hardcore punk and groove metal with the experimentation of industrial music and the catchiness of arena-size rock choruses. But don't fear this melting-pot of genres. Broken Down's music is challenging, and it rewards closer scrutiny on headphones, but it is also a honed vision that you can still party on.

"in the same rank with Rammstein. And that is not a exaggeration, because they really are that great. (...) a great album, one that can become the staple of the genre in future" (Dutch Metal Maniac)

"Osmosis is immediate for the tolerant avid music lover and eager for new challenges. Going to the other side of the shore, Jeff Maurer completed a Calvary to regain the light and become one of the great hopes of French industrial metal scene", 5/5 (

"Scribble Your World reminds Nine Inch Nails with electronic drums and big bass. (...) There is at least something in this project that is not given to everyone, it is an identity", 7/10 (

"a successful fusion of Rammstein and Nine Inch Nails (...) Jeff's music has never sounded better than today" (Records Are Better Than People

"Maybe you need to have listened to Queen, (...) Nine Inch Nails, Frank Zappa, a lot of metal, Electrowave and everything else, to be able to fully grasp all the ideas badges." 8/10 (Fumo, inchiostro e basso)

"you might give it a try, I think. Nine Inch Nails meet (older) Faith No More meet Carnival in Coal meet Megaherz meet later Manes, isn’t that an appropriate description? I didn’t think it is either, but do you have any other suggestion? ", 75/100 (ConcreteWeb)

"Everything is everywhere, even though there is still a designated and clearly audible formula. It’s the kind of record that obviously will not be for every listener, but it’s worth checking out if you’re up to the musical challenge. As I said, I hear some Solefald influence here, so I feel that fans of that legendary experimental act will want to give this one a listen as well." (

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