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Label :  Aesthetic Death

Genre :  Doom Metal

Doom Death Metal

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FATUM ELISUM Fatum Elisium CD - 2008

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It's the 2009 reissue of the first demo of this French doom death metal band.


Fatum Elisum's Fatum Elisum showcases a blend of Doom and Death, with hints of Black thrown in. A mix of old My Dying Bride and Deinonychus, roughly put. The similarity with the latter of the two comes forward mostly through the vocalist, who squeals, shrieks and howls as Marco Kehren did during his metal days. Fortunately he knows how to deliver a dirty-licious growl too. Riff-wise were treated to both heavy, aggressive shit but also those typically lethargic, dramatic whining leads. What sets Fatum Elisum apart from other bands in the genre is that they pack a whole deal more aggression than you're average death-ish Doom band. 7.6/10 (MetalStorm)



1. Eli Eli

2. In Vain

3. Phantom

4. Fatum Elisum

5. Dancer Of Spirals

6. Lama Sabachthani

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