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Reduced price! COLOSSUS FALL Hidden Into Details Digipack CD - sludge metal View larger

COLOSSUS FALL Hidden Into Details Digipack CD

Label :  DIY / Self-released

Genre :  Post-Metal / Shoegaze / Post-Rock

Sludge Metal mixing Converge, Isis, Mastodon and Keelhaul

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COLOSSUS FALL Hidden Into Details Digipack CD - 2015

The Sludge Metal band as it exists today was formed in July 2011 in Geneva by members having previously taken part in various bands of the local metal scene.

It is not easy to apply COLOSSUS FALL’s rich and expanded sound to any existing style, being both brutal and sophisticated at the same time, but rather it is clearly an infl uence of a number of quite diff erent genres. However, COLOSSUS FALL might be a kind of mix between Mastodon, Keelhaul, Coalesce, Converge and Isis. The constant evolution of the group is felt through each piece composed in diff erent ways. The themes of the songs are also very varied. The emotions of the moment direct our inspirations.


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