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Reduced price! ATRA HORA Metahom EP CD - Melodic Death Metal Dark Metal View larger

ATRA HORA Metahom EP Digifile CD

Label :  Darknagar

Genre :  Death Metal

Dark Metal / Melodic death metal with Middle East elements

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ATRA HORA Metahom EP Digifile CD - 2014

Overall, Atra Hora’s Metahom delivers the goods if you’re looking for melodic death metal with a lot of interesting elements mixed throughout. Mixing classic melodic death metal elements with tons of atmospheric keyboards and some modern elements, Atra Hora brings a fresh take on a rather stale genre. The excellent artwork by Mayhem Project gives a pretty good idea of what to expect; a modern take on a classic form. Despite a rough patch at the end, Metahom is definitely work looking into. 77% (The Metal Observer)

Atra Hora have really begun to dig down and integrate the middle-eastern sounds with their riff-writing and overall song structures, creating a much more interesting and individual sound. The combination of the melodic riffs and the Mideast scaling with the death vocals works well to make for something that sounds different and exciting. 3.3/5 (The Metal Crypt)

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