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KA MMEN The Sands Digipack CD - prog goth doom metal rock tool opeth anathema View larger

KA MMEN The Sands Digipack CD

Label :  Darknagar

Genre :  Progressive Metal

Progressive Goth Post-Metal / Doom Rock

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KA MMEN The Sands Digipack CD - 2012

Ka Mmen is a Ukrainian band formed in 1997 under the name Seventh Evidence. The band released The Sands, its debut album under its new name, in 2012. Their music is a mix of progressive rock, avant-garde / post-metal and gothic doom. Think Anathema meet Pink Floyd meet Tool meet Opeth.

Ka Mmen cover quite a bit of territory on this debut. Unlike some of the more frantic progressive groups, they don't fuse these sounds abruptly. Not once does The Sands sound like a rogues gallery of incompatible ideas. It's very much to Ka Mmen's credit that they've blended these ingredients together. (...) Ambition is never a sour thing to behold, and Ka Mmen have all the talent they'll ever need to succeed, 63/100 (Progarchives)

This Ukrainian post-metal band delivers an ambitious and massive album structured as a series of ten “pictures”, appearing as illusions, dreams or mirages to a lonely traveller roaming in a desert. Ka Mmen’s music is highly imaginative and visual, with a crossover-metal sound made of huge guitars and bouncing basslines, punctuated by dreamy keyboards and progressive passages. These elements place them between metal, goth and prog, but with an original and somewhat pop attitude that makes them stand outside the codified metal sub-genres, recalling some out-of-the-schemes acts as Faith No More, Type O Negative or the extravaganza of Serj Tankian’s solo works.

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