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MISTY GREY Grey Mist CD - traditional doom ala Saint Vitus, Pentragram View larger


Genre :  Doom Metal

Traditional Doom Metal. Think Pentagram, Saint Vitus, Witchfinder General with a female vocalist

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MISTY GREY Grey Mist CD - 2015

Spain’s Misty Grey make rock music the way God, Ozzy, and Bobby Leibling intended: menacing, swaggering riffs and haunted vocals drenched in cheap beer and perfumed with a haze of hash smoke. This album is everything that a Traditional Doom album could hope to be. It follows all of the conventions of the genre, but manages to execute them in a way that dodges cliché. The playing and writing on 'Grey Mist' are uniformly excellent, and although some of what is on offer here can sound simplistic, repeat listens reveal a delightful faculty for invention. Malicia's vocals might be a take it or leave it proposition, but on the takers' side, she will be missed. 8.5/10 (

Saint Vitus proclaimed us “Children of Doom” and Misty Grey is now proclaiming us the “Freaks of Doom”! I had a Children of Doom t-shirt 20 years ago. Where do i get my “Freaks…” t-shirt now? I am predicting legendary status for this band. Who will be on board from the beginning? This will probably be my pick for doom album of the year. A bold statement, given that it is only the first week in February (Doom and Stoned)

You haven't heard riffs this raw since Pentagram. Imagine or remember what the reaction was when people first heard Saint Vitus or Trouble or Cirith Ungoll or Kyuss. These are bands you and I might take for granted today, but they all feature vocalists not even their Grandmas could love.5/5 (You May Be Dead And Dreaming blog)

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