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Genre :  Doom Sludge

Death Doom Metal Sludge

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Murder Hollow are Doom through and through. Highly traditional in approach, they rough up their edges and seams with a Sludge coating and some really evil Death style vocals. Not quite as acerbic as Mudbath but far more scathing than the likes of Serpent Venom, whose mid-paced Sabbathian spookiness is more than in evidence here. If you were to think also of Acid Dream with a blackened soul at the microphone, you might start to paint the picture. It's slow and filthy, and at times sounds a bit like Coffins without the D-Beat rattle. 7,5/10 (

Murder Hollow hails from Finland and plays doom death sludge, according to themselves. Opener The Witch which clocks in at five minutes is the shortest song and comes across more as an intro than a proper song. Title song ‘Titan’ really gets proceedings going with its sixteen minutes. It builds up slowly. Slightly death doom with a lot of sludge influences. The kind which we have heard before but as a connoisseur can't get enough of. Drawn out to drag the listener down into the morass. Well, Murder Hollow really does manage to do that. The remaining two songs also see to that even though one is just eight minutes long and the other close to sixteen. Indeed, not an album for people with a short attention span. Nice album. 75 / 100 (lLords of

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