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STEINGRAB Mystik Digipack CD - atmospheric black metal View larger

STEINGRAB Mystik Digipack CD

Genre :  Black Metal

Atmospheric Black Metal

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STEINGRAB Mystik Digipack CD - 2017

German Black Metal act Steingrab’s second record Mystik released in 2017 as digipack CD is recommended for fans of Verdunkeln. Splendid obscure atmospheric black metal.

Finally we get pure late 90s black metal from Germany, with strong melancholic melodies and delightful majestic tristesse with sharp black metal leads. A bit of Nagelfar atmosphere with Norwegian black on his Burzums here and there, neatly set on programmed drums. A lot of midtempo material where you hang more and more to the ground as the songs progress, because of the tenacity that shows no signs of emo-post-black anywhere. On the contrary, the texts show signs of poetic talent. The subtle keys and light-pagan epic, in combination with the fairly strong acoustic work, have that elusive magical / mystical in what typified nineties black, regardless of the not too strongly produced work or the lack of tight tightness. That makes it all more beautiful. Nostalgia à volonté, hear hear hear. You know what needs to happen. , 82/100 (Zwaren Metalen)

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