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HELLIGE demo 2012 cassette tape - black metal sludge doom View larger

HELLIGE demo 2012 cassette tape

Label :  Dying Sun Records

Genre :  Black Metal

Black Metal / Sludge / Doom Metal

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3,00 €

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HELLIGE demo 2012 cassette tape - 2014

This cassette is the 2014 reissue of Black Metal / Sludge / Doom Metal band Hellige 2012 demo as a MC audio tape with pro cover limited to 50 copies only

This album from Argentina’s Hellige is possibly the dreariest and deepest music I’ve heard in a long time. The band mixes doom and black metal perfectly, borrowing the best aspects from each. (...) For a demo, this just blows me away. In a world of half-assed black metal, this really takes the cake for me. There’s a powerful legitimacy behind this dark music, 98% (jacobinmountain, Metal-Archives)

Hellige nails blackened-sludge spot on, and I recommend this album highly, it’s an easy favorite with plenty plays in it. It’s an album that ages well, only becoming better as you listen to it more, 98% (necrowizrdacolyte74, Metal-Archives)

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