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SAINT VITUS The walking dead 12" Vinyl EP

Label :  SST

Genre :  Doom Metal

Cult doom metal vinyle reissue

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SAINT VITUS The walking deads 12"EP - 1985




The first two songs on here are indicative of the parallels between them and their frequent tour and label mates BLACK FLAG, moving fast and furious with a few methodical Rock based riffs, and a really bass and middle heavy guitar tone. “White Stallions” is more of a strict, percussive speed metal song while “Darkness” is more chaotic and drum heavy, but both songs ooze with that latent punk spirit that was heard on “Hallow’s Victim.” But on the other side of things is the towering anvil of slow moving minimalism “The Walking Dead,” which goes between being dark and psychedelic to being dark and menacing, like the decaying body of a hippie zombie back from the grave.? (The metal observer) 




1.    Darkness    
2.    White Stallions    
3.    The Walking Dead

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