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FLESHPRESS Acid mouth strangulation Gatefold Vinyl LP

Genre :  Doom Sludge

Great new songs for this sludge blackened doom combo

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FLESHPRESS Acid mouth strangulation Gatefold LP? - 2011



Suffocating home-brewed hypnotic sludge rock from the northern swamps. On their fifth full length album Finnish sludge rockers Fleshpress evolve from their days as a rough, gritty metal machine towards the unknown. These three long tracks ebb and flow with an organic pulse, from slowly meditative passages to black swamp-sludge metal. An unsettling but oddly beautiful experience. ??(Svart)


The soul-crushing darkness presented is real and honest, not some Lovecraftean horror fantasy or indulgent whiny self-pity. Anyone into HEAVY music would be a sucker to leave FLESHPRESS unnoticed.?(avantgarde metal)



1. Glass Trails  11:20

2. Copper Eye  05:28 

3. Oblivion Persistent  19:14?

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