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SOLITUDE AETURNUS In Times of Solitude Gatefold Vinyl LP

Label :  Massacre

Genre :  Epic Doom Metal

Epic Doom Metal. Compilation of the first demo and rare lives bonus.

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SOLITUDE AETURNUS In Times of Solitude Gatefold LP - 2011?

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This Epic Doom Metal vinyl is a compilation of Solitude Aeternus early demos and rare live tracks. This part of Metal history is limited to 500 hand-numbered copies.


Our favorite US doomsters count 24 years of life in the underground Metal scene, so they decided to celebrate this by releasing some special stuff that hadn’t seen the light of the day before, including some rare rehearsal and live tracks with older lineups. And what a perfect way to say ‘happy birthday’ and please the fans, don’t you think? (...)  If you are willing to feel the past’s Metal purity through the works and days of a genuine Metal band, “In Times Of Solitude” will be a good companion to that time-machine journey. This treat is not recommended only for the band’s die-hard fans and the maniac rarities’ collectors around the globe, but also to any metalhead interested to listen to some real genuine Metal stuff. (




1. It Came Upon One Night

2. Transcending Sentinels

3. Into Battle

4. Sojourner

5. Where Angels Dare to Tread

6. Rememberance of a Life (Rehearsal Session 1987)

7. And Justice for All (Live at Joes Garage 1988)

8. Sojourner (Rehearsal Session 1988)

9. Mirror of Sorrow (Demo Tape 1988)

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