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HEXIS XII vinyl 10" + CD

Reference : MOC113

Genre :  Black Metal

The definition of what black metal is today ! A la Geist, Cult Of Occult.

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12,99 €

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HEXIS XII vinyl 10" + CD - 2017

You know everything about the different waves of Scandinavian black metal, the US Black Metal scene or the Eastern European one ? Is Black Metal dead ? No dude, check Danish Crust / Hardcore / Black Metal band Hexis’ new record XII released in 2017. It means : this is what black metal is in 2017! A relentless attacks mixing black metal, dark hardcore, death metal (think Portal) and d-beat intensity. Get it if you like Geist, Cult Of Occult and maybe something like a mix of Celeste and Thou.

HEXIS XII gatefold vinyl clear disc 10" + CD is limited to 1000 copies

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