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Label :  Peaceville

Genre :  Epic Doom Metal

Cult Epic Doom!

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CANDLEMASS "Chapter VI" CD +DVD - 1992

Coming as a CD + DVD.



Remastered and reissued with the Candlemass Sjunger Sigge Furst EP added to the end of the album, and a DVD of the band playing in Uddevalla in 1993, as well as liner notes by Leif Edling.

1.    The Dying Illusion   
2.    Julie Laughs No More   
3.    Where the Runes Still Speak   
4.    The Ebony Throne   
5.    Temple of the Dead   
6.    Aftermath  
7.    Black Eyes  
8.    The End of Pain  


DVD tracklist:

1. The Dying Illusion
2. Dark Reflections
3. The Ebony Throne
4. At the Gallows End
5. Julie Laughs No More
6. The Well of Souls
7. Dark Are teh Veils of Death
8. Mirror Mirror
9. The Dying Illusion (promo video)

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