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CANDLEMASS "20 year anniversary party" DVD

Genre :  Epic Doom Metal

Dooooooooooom! Fave!

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CANDLEMASS "20 year anniversary party" - 2007 - Peaceville



My friends, you're in front of THE DVD of the year 2007. Of course you have to be a fan of Doom Metal and Candlemass to fully enjoy this release but I can tell you, really, that this "20 Anniversary Party" is a must, a perfect DVD and I hope that you'll run to your record shop as soon as possible to buy this marvelous release if it's not already in your CD/DVD collection of course . Candlemass rocks and this DVD is the proof that this band is among the best of the Metal scene. Now just remember that this "20 Anniversary Party" means also class… (Metal Storm)


The following vocalists performed with the band:
Johan Langquist (ex-Candlemass)
Tomas Vikström (ex-Candlemass)
Mikael Åkerfeldt (Opeth)
Mats Levén (Krux, Therion, ex-Yngwie Malmsteen)
Robert Lowe (Candlemass, Solitude Aeturnus)
Tony Martin (ex-Black Sabbath)
Janne Christoffersson (Grand Magus, Spiritual Beggars)


01.    The Dying Illusion    
02.    Dark Are The Veils Of Death    
03.    Where The Runes Still Speak    
04.    Ebony Throne    
05.    Well Of Souls
06.    Black Dwarf    
07.    At The Gallows End    
08.    Demonia 6    
09.    Samarithan    
10.    Mirror Mirror    
11.    Crystal Ball    
12.    Demons Gate    
13.    Under The Oak    
14.    A Sorcerer's Pledge    
15.    Witches    
16.    Bullfest

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